The Amelie Society

Ready to trade stock graphics for beautiful content templates sure to connect? Created to help hardworking creatives, the Amelie Society offers monthly templates of all kinds to help you create beautiful, custom content for your brand with Affinity Designer.

Products for Busy Creatives and Coaches

We know that running your own business is hard. That's why we've created these amazing templates, trainings, and courses- to help make it that much easier for you. Take a look around and see what sparks your creativity- you're sure to find something!

5 Branding Essentials Workshop

Believe it or not, there's 5 essential things every brand needs, and not many of them actually have them.

Master Your Membership Workshop

Create and launch your membership in two hours during this live, instructive workshop!

Perfect Harmony Lead Gen Page Template for Showit

The Perfect Harmony Lead Gen Page Template is perfect for coaches and creatives who want to grow their lists and challenges!

Easier Sales Page Template for Showit

The Easier Sales Page Template is perfect for photographers and creatives who want to sell an awesome product or course to their clients!

Small Business Logo Bundle

Want to give your logo a makeover? The Small Business Logo Bundle for Affinity Designer is great for creating aesthetically pleasing logos!

Uplevel Your Business Bundle

Ready to uplevel your business? This bundle full of templates and trainings is perfect for you! 

Sweetness Brochure Template for Honeybook