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The Amelie Society

Ready to trade stock graphics for beautiful content templates sure to connect? Created to help hardworking creatives, the Amelie Society offers monthly templates of all kinds to help you create beautiful, custom content for your brand with Affinity Designer and Publisher, the best design apps on the market! Whether they're used for you or your clients, these templates are sure to make the content creation process easier and quicker!

Amplify Your Content

with all of these amazing things... 
  • Social media templates to up your social media vibes 
  • Brand templates to help you craft the brand of your dreams
  • Thoughtful Opt-in templates to help you grow your community 
  • Bonus monthly templates to help elevate your brand in all aspects
  • Monthly group coaching calls to help connect and grow with other members
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Who are these templates made for?

Hardworking creatives who are looking to cut their content creation time in half and still make beautiful, custom content for their brands.

What kind of templates are there?

There's templates for social media posts, opt-ins, brand identities, printables, and more to help you grow and convert. You'll get everything from infographics to client onboarding booklets to business card templates to websites (yes, you read that right)! Everything a creative needs to created branded content is inside this membership!

What platform are these templates made for?

These templates are designed for Affinity Designer, a professional, easy-to-use graphic design software for desktop and iPad, as well as for fan-favorite Canva. We understand it can be hard to learn a new software, especially when you're busy running a business, but each month we have group calls to help you with the editing process!

Why aren’t the older templates on Canva?

As the Canva side of our membership is brand new, we haven't had a chance to convert the older templates to the platform! Don't worry, though! We will be getting them on there soon and will let you know as soon as they are there so you can start using them! 

Some Kind Words

I couldn’t be more consistently impressed with Amelie Society, and the amazing woman behind it, Emily.
I’ve looked at quite a few content memberships and stock photo memberships (old news ladies! You need CUSTOM ish for your IG and emails and site!!! Trust me, and Emily!) before I bought into Amelie, and I'm so glad I did!
Emily keeps asking for feedback, and implements that feedback for the very next monthly content drop! We are basically paying membership prices for incredibly aesthetically pleasing, trendy, custom content! This is a no-brainer.
Sign up!!!!
Alyssa, Nerve Client Studio
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