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NEW LAUNCH! November 2020
The Content Lowdown
Edge of Great Logos and Submarks
Edge of Great Brand Board
Edge of Great SQUARE Social Media Templates
Edge of Great STORY Social Media Templates
Edge of Greate GIF Templates
Perfect Harmony Lead Gen Page Template for Showit
1.33 MB
Branding Resources
Favorite Font Combos
382 KB
5 Aesthetic Color Palettes for Your Brand
36.5 KB
Live Showit Training
October 2020
The Content Lowdown
Drops + Jupiter Logos
Drops + Jupiter Alternative Logos
Drops + Jupiter Brand Board
Drops + Jupiter Social Media SQUARE Templates
Drops + Jupiter Story Templates
Drops + Jupiter Opt-in
Drops + Jupiter Launch Graphics
September 2020
The Content Lowdown
Ophelia Harlow Designs Logos
Ophelia Harlow Designs Submark and Icon
Ophelia Harlow Brand Board
Ophelia Harlow Stories Social Media Templates
Ophelia Square Social Media Templates
Ophelia Harlow Reels Covers
XO Showit Template Install Guide
666 KB
Amelie September Call